Target Group: Health sector

The AI service for the health sector is aimed at:   🔗

  • Institutions such as university clinics and hospitals, health insurance companies, associations of statutory health insurance physicians, medical research institutions.
  • SMEs and start-ups from the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical technology and digital healthcare sectors.

Possible Applications in the health sector:   🔗

  • Novel diagnostic tools from intelligent imaging techniques.
  • Omics data analysis for the identification of relevant gene markers for the diagnosis and therapy of diseases.
  • Clinical decision support.
  • Care of patients in rural areas (e.g. via AI-supported telemedicine).

Examples   🔗

of AI-driven applications in the health sector that have been developed in the KISSKI consortium:

AuMEDa    🔗

AuMEDa: Automated information and feature extraction from medical documents - structured data with artificial intelligence

Responsible consortium partner: UMG

CorMeum    🔗

CorMeum: Web browser-based app for heart attack risk prediction

Responsible consortium partner: UMG