Target group start-ups and SMEs

Our service centre provides high-performance computing power in a highly secure and modern working environment to companies in the fields of medicine, energy and other critical infrastructures such as IT & TC, mobility and many others that want to train AI-supported models such as analyses, forecasts and evaluations with sensitive and personal data.

In addition to computing power, the service centre offers individual consulting and training with the help of the project consortium with experts from the fields of medicine and energy.

During the funding phase of the project, we offer our computing and consulting services free of charge to start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Choose your area and discover our consulting services or register in the Academic Cloud and get direct access to your individual working environment for your AI applications.


Energy sector

The energy industry is a future field with a high demand for application-related AI research, for example in the feed-in of renewable energies and the intelligent management of consumers.

Healthcare/medical sector

Medicine and healthcare offer great potential for AI-driven innovations, e.g. in the analysis of large, multi-omics data sets or AI-based support in clinical decision-making.

Other sectors such as life sciences

In addition to the focus on energy and healthcare, KISSKI is open to enquiries from other subject areas and disciplines such as mobility, e-commerce, Industry 4.0 and life sciences.

Direct access

Entry-level Consulting for Energy and Health Sectors

Entry-level consulting in the field of health and energy for clients without practical experience in data-driven solutions and business models

Entry-level Consulting for Other Sectors

Entry-level consulting for clients outside the health and energy sectors without practical experience on data-driven solutions and business models

Overview of all services