About us


The central goal of KISSKI is to carry out research on AI methods and their provision in a highly available AI service centre for critical and sensitive infrastructures. The focus is on the socially highly relevant fields of health and energy. These are among the future fields of application-oriented AI research in Germany. [more]

GWDG Building Göttingen
Steering Committee

Steering Committee

All participating institutions are represented in the steering committee. The steering committee monitors the pursuit of goals, decides on measures and roadmaps to steer the KISSKI services and the established KISSKI working groups to achieve the goals. [more]


Institutions in Göttingen, Hannover and Kassel have joined forces to form the KISSKI consortium. Their core competencies in the areas of AI infrastructure, AI methods, health and energy complement each other perfectly. [more]


Associated partners

As a German AI competence centre, KISSKI is integrated into a network of national AI initiatives. [more]


This project is funded by the the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), funding code 01 IS 22 093 A-E.