Training / Course Offer


We qualify you in all aspects of AI. You can choose from an extensive selection of training courses that have been developed to match the services offered in KISSKI. The partners of the KISSKI consortium also open relevant areas of their own training programmes to KISSKI users. In addition, e-learning materials are available for download.

Training courses explicitly designed for KISSKI

(Currently, no courses are scheduled.)

External courses offered by the KISSKI consortium partners

Thematically appropriate courses from the training courses offered by the institutions participating in the KISSKI consortium. Some of the courses are subject to a fee. In order to register for the GWDG’s course program free of charge, you need an AcademicId, which you can easily create.

Energy Data Scientist - Automated Energy Management

Date 2024-04-05 - 2024-04-30
Venue Online and On site
Organiser Fraunhofer IEE

Basics and applications of machine learning for an automated energy industry. We focus on the application of neural networks with a special emphasis on deep reinforcement learning.

Deep Learning Bootcamp: Building and Deploying AI Models

Date 2024-04-15 - 2024-04-16
Venue Online
Organiser GWDG

Introduction to neural networks, model building with TensorFlow and PyTorch and Deployment of AI models.

Performance Analysis of AI and HPC Workloads

Date 2024-04-18
Venue Online
Organiser GWDG

This course will equip you with fundamental knowledge on how to efficiently use HPC systems to run AI applications.

System, User and Developer Perspectives on Parallel I/O

Date 2024-05-07
Venue Online
Organiser GWDG

Overview of parallel file systems and parallel-IO, anti-patterns which result in reduced performance and examples for efficient parallel-IO.

Agile Software Development and Deployment using Containers

Date 2024-05-23
Venue Online
Organiser GWDG

Containers, their place in HPC, and their creation and use in an HPC context - specifically on the GWDG clusters - will be introduced in detail.

Secure HPC - Parallel Computing with Highest Security

Date 2024-05-31
Venue Online
Organiser GWDG

Understand the importance of Secure HPC for working with sensitive data and get familiar with the main steps.

Data Management Concepts for Efficient and User-Friendly HPC

Date 2024-06-06
Venue Online
Organiser GWDG

Introduction to both the different storage tiers available at GWDG and the concept of a data catalog and its usage.