Entry-level Consulting   🔗

Entry-level Consulting for Energy and Health Sectors

Entry-level consulting in the field of health and energy for clients without practical experience in data-driven solutions and business models

Entry-level Consulting for Other Sectors

Entry-level consulting for clients outside the health and energy sectors without practical experience on data-driven solutions and business models

Advanced-level Consulting   🔗

Neuromorphic Computing

Overview of the opportunities that modern neuromorphic hardware offers for AI models

Technical Benchmarking - Porting to Neuromorphic Systems

Development and evaluation of the implementation of AI models on modern neuromorphic hardware

Technical Benchmarking - Porting to Graphcore

Explore the potential of innovative Graphcore IPUs for your ML application.

Technical Benchmarking - Porting to FPGA

Trained models can be ported to FPGA-based systems to perform inference tasks in an energy-efficient way.

Consulting on data management in medical AI projects

Consulting on data management and data preparation for medical data analyses in AI projects.

Routine data, data protection requirements and ethics

We support you in formulating questions relevant to data protection and ethics when working with routine data from health insurance companies

Processing of routine data of health insurance companies

Would you like to learn how to prepare routine data from health insurance companies for an AI application?

Data sovereignty and data management

Consulting on efficient data management with optional consideration of data sovereignty.

AI Models in Clinical Research

Development, visualisation, validation and evaluation of AI models in clinical research

Requirements and fields of application for software medical devices

Awareness of regulatory requirements that may be associated with the medical software product or DIGA being developed

Evaluation of medical AI products

We provide advice on identifying appropriate study designs that meet the existing regulatory requirements for demonstrating the efficacy of the medical AI product.

Product and process benchmarking of existing customer applications

Evaluation of an AI-based customer application in comparison to the current state of the art

Product Management

Advice on and planning of AI products in the healthcare and energy sectors

Technical AI Consulting

Providing expert guidance and hands-on support for practical, efficient AI deployment across different technology stacks.