Data handling for applications in the field of energy

Target group

Companies (of any size) and research institutes with applications in the field of of energy

Your requirements

You have a use case in the field of energy and need consulting support for:

  • Data handling and data management
  • Data validation and processing
  • Data visualization

Our offer

All AI applications are based on high-quality and sufficiently large data sets as well as reliable data flows. We offer you support with issues relating to data handling in the context of your use case in the field of energy.

Our services include

  • Support with the analysis of your data
  • Consulting on ensuring high data quality and reliability
  • Consulting on data validation and plausibility checks
  • Consulting on data visualization
  • Consulting on data preparation for use in AI projects
  • Consulting on data management systems and the necessary infrastructure
  • Consulting on data security and user administration


Desire to use data in the context of energy

Success stories

One example of data pre-processing is the VemoSat demonstrator, which uses AI to increase the resolution of satellite images and is therefore the first step towards AI-based vegetation monitoring along energy infrastructures:
    The basis for many applications in the energy sector is the use of meteorological data, which we process and provide for customer applications:
      Fraunhofer IEE's Global PtX Atlas demonstrates the use and visualization of data to evaluate the power-to-X potential of coastal and inland locations:

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        Dominik Beinert
        Axel Braun

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