Entry-level Consulting for Other Sectors

Target group

  • Companies (of any size) and research institutes outside the fields of health and energy without previous experience on data-driven solutions and business models.

Your requirements

  • Thorough survey of use case and needs
  • Identification of initial possibilities for using the existing data
  • Referral to suitable consultants from the consortium for further elaboration

Our offer

We offer entry-level consulting and support for companies and research institutes that do not yet have any practical experience with the conception and implementation of data-driven solutions and business models. In doing so, we discuss basic application possibilities and terminology of AI, and define the desired use case as precisely as possible in a joint dialogue. For this purpose, we discuss the available data sources and models based on them against the background of the use case in terms of applicability and benefit. After consultation and a positive assessment, further KISSKI services (infrastructure, consulting or development) are applied and the project is forwarded to the appropriate expert within the KISSKI consortium.


  • Basic understanding of own data structure(s)
  • (At best) Basic idea about the target image of the use case

Service type


Contact person

Till Ole Diesterhöft
Felix Kegel

Planned start date

from now on