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Service Infrastruktur

Computing Resources

GPU-based HPC system with current NVIDIA A100 and H100 GPUs for training and inference tasks respectively

Secure Container Registry

Container Registry for the secure HPC partition, which is for instance comprised of GPU-based HPC systems with current NVIDIA A100 and H100 GPUs for training and inference tasks, respectively.

Secure data catalog

You want to index your sensitive data securely and centrally to build a data catalog? We offer you the possibility to store and query metadata encryptedly.

Protein structure prediction

Ready-to-use software stack and community support for protein structure prediction.

Secure HPC Partition

Isolated partition for processing highly sensitive data (e.g. health data) on our systems, e.g. our GPU-based HPC system with current NVIDIA A100 and H100 GPUs.

Data and Model Catalog

You want to publish data and models in accordance with the FAIR principles and make them reusable. We offer you a corresponding data and model catalogue.

AI prediction models in clinical medicine and health care

Demonstration of existing AI-based prediction models from clinical medicine and healthcare.

Entry-level Consulting for Energy and Health Sectors

Entry-level consulting in the field of health and energy for clients without practical experience in data-driven solutions and business models

Entry-level Consulting for Other Sectors

Entry-level consulting for clients outside the health and energy sectors without practical experience on data-driven solutions and business models

Initial Consultation for Neuromorphic Computing

Overview of the opportunities that modern neuromorphic hardware offers for AI models

Technical Benchmarking - Porting to Neuromorphic Systems

Development and evaluation of the implementation of AI models on modern neuromorphic hardware

Technical Benchmarking - Porting to Graphcore

Explore the potential of innovative Graphcore IPUs for your ML application.

Technical Benchmarking - Porting to FPGA

Trained models can be ported to FPGA-based systems to perform inference tasks in an energy-efficient way.

Consulting on data management in medical AI projects

Consulting on data management and data preparation for medical data analyses in AI projects.

Routine data, data protection requirements and ethics

We support you in formulating questions relevant to data protection and ethics when working with routine data from health insurance companies

Processing of routine data of health insurance companies

Would you like to learn how to prepare routine data from health insurance companies for an AI application?

Data handling for applications in the field of energy

We consult you on data management, data processing and data visualization

Data sovereignty and data management

Consulting on efficient data management with optional consideration of data sovereignty.

AI Models in Clinical Research

Development, visualisation, validation and evaluation of AI models in clinical research

Requirements and fields of application for software medical devices

Awareness of regulatory requirements that may be associated with the medical software product or DIGA being developed

Evaluation of medical AI products

We provide advice on identifying appropriate study designs that meet the existing regulatory requirements for demonstrating the efficacy of the medical AI product.

Product and process benchmarking of existing customer applications

Evaluation of an AI-based customer application in comparison to the current state of the art

Product Management

Advice on and planning of AI products in the healthcare and energy sectors

AI Models for applications in the field of energy

Consulting on the application of AI models for the energy sector and energy-related problems

Technical AI Consulting

Providing expert guidance and hands-on support for practical, efficient AI deployment across different technology stacks.

Evaluation of AI concepts in the energy field

AI experts evaluate your ideas and concepts for AI applications, identify potential for improvement, and support you in their implementation

Support for AI projects in the field of energy

Support and assistance implementing your AI pilot project in the energy field.

Data Analysis & Data Science in the field of energy

Support in analyzing your data in the field of energy

Pattern Recognition

Unsupervised learning methods can be used to estimate the complexity of the data and represent them in a compact fashion.

Model selection service for Medicine

Support in choosing an appropriate model

Pattern Recognition

AutoML can handle many design decisions for AI applications, making the development process more efficient.



Further documentation on the use of the hardware and software resources offered, as well as white papers and success stories produced as part of KISSKI.


Technical support for KISSKI is provided by the Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen mbH (GWDG).



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